This is the last stop on the tour and it’s a REALLY GOOD ONE!

A very talented teacher named Cheryl over at Primary Graffitti, has prepared an entire UNIT full of lesson plans based on the various themes in my new book (friendship, self esteem, individuality, character traits, mental health, bulllying, and inclusion). The entire unit is available for purchase ($3.00 for 39 pages) here. Head over to Primary Graffitti to find out more about the unit and to enter to win a copy of the book! Cheryl writes for Blog Hoppin’, Teaching Blog Addicts, Classroom Freebies, and Me and My Gang. She’s also the guest columnist for Really Good Stuff educational company. Thank you so much Cheryl!

Wait! I forgot to mention—she is giving away a freebie lesson too!

My interview with Charity from The Organized Classroom and Teaching Blog Addicts has been rescheduled for tonight at 8pm and you can listen here at Blog Talk Radio.

Since I am expecting a lot of visits today on my blog from teachers, I am giving away two copies of a book about inclusion of special needs students. It is written from a parent and teacher’s perspective. I know from my college experience I really felt a lack of information on teaching special needs students in the general ed. setting. We needed a book like this in my classes! The book was written by an author friend of mine, Jennifer Greening.

Here’s a little about the book: Have you ever wondered what it takes to educate your child with special needs in their neighborhood school? In Opening Doors, Opening Lives: Creating awareness of advocacy, inclusion, and education for our children with special needs, Jennifer Greening tells the story of her personal experiences related to getting her daughter, Marissa, integrated into the general education system. Written in a style that is gentle and friendly, Opening Doors, Opening Lives contains information that parents of children with special needs can use for their own child’s educational journey.

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