Today the tour makes a stop all the way over in the UK at Nayu’s Reading Corner.

I learned something from this review. The term “For goodness sake” is a negative term used in a part of England where the reviewer resides. Therefore, the review received a 9/10. I wish I would have known this when writing the song in the new book. It’s crazy how something can mean one thing here and another somewhere else. On another note, this giveaway is unique because we are opening it up internationally! Anyone from anywhere can enter to win here.

Yesterday I was surrounded with love and support at The Official Pink Tiara Book Launch Party. We sold over 100 books, ate cake and cookies and watched as little girls wore tiaras and little boys sported crowns. Everyone from my doctor and dentist to old students, past teachers, my recipe club friends, my bffs, sorority sisters, family, friends from the gym, the list goes on. It was a blast!

Congratulations to Barbara and Jennifer, winners of yesterdays book giveaway!