Today is a very special day! It is the day I get to celebrate the launch of my new book with my family and friends at The Official Launch Party. Tiara cookies? Check! Pink and purple tiaras? Check! The party is at a local coffee shop called Biggby Coffee (a long time favorite of mine since college). I can’t wait!

I have more good news. Head on over to hear my interview with Kim over at her blog Finding Joy in the 6th Grade. Kim is a 6th grade teacher in California. She writes for Teaching Blog Addict and knows a ton of people in the blogging community. I am currently enjoying reading about her Clutter Free classroom project! It has inspired me to clean out a few junk drawers I have been avoiding! Thank you for joining the tour Kim!

Another book in our giveaway series is the award-winning book called Oh No! Ah Yes! written by Kalli Reid. There will be two copies given away. Kalli is a teacher and you can see that she knows her stuff in this book. Kalli has some really cute coloring pages and a fun song she wrote to go along with the theme of her book: Making Good Choices. Find them on her website. Here’s a little about the book.

Marie only likes TV, and Keith doesn’t like to brush his teeth, but what if they made a different choice? From sharing to trying new foods to getting exercise, Oh No! Ah Yes! helps young readers discover how making good choices is the right thing to do.

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