This is what I’ve learned about Blog Tours, there are actual companies that you can pay to set up your tour. Of course, I chose the “I can do it myself” route. This week I realized why there are blog tour companies.

Now that I am working through it, I must say, I couldn’t have done it without the help of my friend Barbara. She has connected me with so many blogger friends (most of them guest blog over at a really great teaching website called Teaching Blog Addict). She is a blogger herself, a school counselor and holds several other titles like SUPER FRIEND!

Barbara writes a blog called Corner on Character. She tells you a little about her self and how she got started. Here’s a little something she shares with readers: “I especially enjoy working with people as they discover who they are, what they stand for, what motivates them, and what they want and need.” Barbara reviewed a book of mine a year ago and I feel like since then I have discovered what I stand for, what motivates me and what I want to do in this one life I live! Thank you for your support, dedication to what you do and for writing on such a timeless topic: character.

Today you can head on over to Barbara’s blog to read my guest post on raising a child filled with kindness! She’s also hosting a giveaway (I hope you’re not sick of freebies yet, because there’s one more week filled of them)!

Barbara also has also written for Character Counts and Really Good Stuff, The Teacher’s Lounge. She’s been asked to be a guest blogger on a ton of reputiable sites and I hope to bring her over here as a guest blogger soon! Once again, check out her blog, there’s a ton of inspiration over there!

The winner from yesterday who will receive an autographed copy of The Wonder of A Summer Day is Christina!