New Year’s Eve has always been a party as far as I’m concerned. It’s been the one night my husband and I go all out for. For awhile we were going to extravagent parties in Chicago but haven’t done that in a few years. Having children has changed it just a bit. For one, we don’t always have a babysitter. Last year we made our own fun by hosting a party at our house, kids and all. We put the kids to bed at our place and rang in the new year with friends, which is what makes it so much fun!

I like a party, okay that’s not true, I LOVE to host a party! Here are some fun ways I’ve made our New Year’s Party at home a little more exciting.

Decorations: The ladies over at Eighteen 25 have made a New Years Subway Art printable for you! I have a specific frame on my piano that I dedicate to my subway art. When there’s not a holiday, I have a special one about family that I use.

Party favors for the kids: This year, we are getting dressed up for a nice dinner while the kids stay home with babysitters. We are going out to an early dinner so our friends with kids can get them to bed before it gets too late. I am leaving this fun noise maker craft for the sitters to make with the kids.

Food for the kids: How cute are these hat treats for the kids from Family Fun?

Food: Since we are going out to dinner this year, we are headed back to our place for drinks and dessert. I am going to make this Crockpot Cake! This way we have a warm dessert ready when we get home!

Party favors for the adults: I gave away Flying Wish Paper as last year’s favor. They were a HUGE HIT! This year, I bought these 10 Sky Lanterns – White from amazon. I can’t wait for our guests to stand outside, make their wish and watch as the lanterns fly high up above the lake. With ten of them, the light is sure to reflect off the lake! I think it’s important to make a wish and to set a new year’s resolution. I am going to be taking on my very own Happiness Project like the one described in this old blog post.

Lastly, if you still have your tree up like me (I love Christmas and have a hard time taking it down) turn it into a New Year’s Tree like Sara over at Our Best Bites.

I hope these ideas have helped inspire you to make New Year’s Eve a special night and to begin traditions that your children are sure to remember!