As we wind down from the holidays and enjoy the generosity of our families, I want to remember to take the time to thank those people in our lives who made my girls feel special with gifts galore. One way to do this is with thank you cards! I love receiving thank you cards and I love giving them. These crafty girls over at The Crafting Chicks Blog are sharing a great Santa Thank You with readers!

Other fun thank you card ideas:

  • Hand print art like the samples I put in my post here

  • Have your kids put silly reindeer ears on and stand by the Christmas Tree or their stockings. Snap a picture, print and put in a picture card—better yet, get them 75% off in the Christmas card section at Target or any other retail store.

  • Check out end of the year deals like at Vista Print. I uploaded a picture of my girls and wrote Love, R & L over the picture. I left the back of the flatcards blank for my personal thank you message. All you pay for is shipping.

  • Search Pinterest for more creative ideas like this one.

  • Have one kid hold a sign that says “Thank” and your other child with one that says “You” Four kids? Thank you very much!

  • Print off free cards here (sample image shown to the left)

  • Make a thank you card that is also a New Year’s Card like this one from Family Fun.