In a previous post, I mentioned ways to help teach gratitude in your home. One suggestion I made was to make something for someone else. Tomorrow’s going to be a messy day at our house! We are getting out the paint and making homemade cards. Only certain people will be the lucky recipients of these cards. They are a labor of love to make them! Think out of the box when writing out the envelopes. How about the neighbor who doesn’t have young children or the relative you don’t see very often? What about the crossing guard at your child’s school or your child’s pediatrician?

Here are some examples of holiday hand and footprint art we will be recreating for our special cards tomorrow. These images were taken from Pinterest. Search my boards to find out the exact address if you want more information on the image.

Why take the time to do something messy and time consuming like this for someone else? Because…kindness matters!