I am contacted on a weekly basis from readers asking, “How did you get started?” I used to spend hours calling and emailing people back answering this question and I was happy to help in any way I could! I even wrote a “How To Get Started” article to help answer some of these questions. At the same time, with the demands of being a stay-at-home mom and working-from-home business owner, I’ve had to start scheduling consulting calls to get back to these aspiring writers. You can find out more about how you can schedule a call by contacting me at info@mariadismondy.com

Book Reviews:

I am happy to accept books to review on my blog as long as they are something I am sincerely interested in. The purpose of this blog is not to get “free stuff” and I do not make a profit from the writing I am doing here. I am an avid reader and if there is a great book out there I can share with my readers, I am happy to do so! Email me at maria@mariadismondy.com if you would like to submit a book for me to review.

If you are a teacher or parent blogger who is interested in reviewing one of my children’s books, feel free to contact me. I love to support classrooms around the country by sharing my messages with them. I would be happy to donate a book for your review and possibly a copy for a giveaway on your blog.

Product Reviews:

On certain occasions, I review products that are given to me as a Bzzagent. I am happy to review products that are geared towards, health & wellness, family, children and education. Again, if it is a fabulous find, I want to share it with my readers!

My Family:

My husband and my children are my #1 priorities. It’s nearly impossible to write about activities we do without mentioning them. You will notice that I do not use my children’s names on the blog and if there is a picture, their faces are not completely visible. I am still not 100% comfortable with cyber space and pictures of my kids being out there!

Advertisement & Guest Blogging:

To learn more about advertising on my blog, please email me.

I am interested in advertising my books on blogs that may seem appropriate. Feel free to email me if you think my books might fit well being advertised on the sidebar of your blog or if you would like me to guest blog for your website! Again, my greatest mission in what I do is spreading the positive messages in my books to children all around the world!