Teacher Resources

  I have met some AMAZING teachers recently during March is Reading Month. Over the last few years, I have created and gathered resources for teachers and wanted to review what they are and where educators can find them. You can watch this short video with the information and/or follow the links below! I would … Read More

Family Fun Challenge

In January I posted a Family Fun Challenge that got a lot of positive feedback. It all came about when my husband and I were talking about how routine-like our winter was feeling. Cold, long days with dark nights beginning way too soon. We needed something to spice up our time together with the kids … Read More

Photo Contest

I’m excited to announce a really fun photo contest. Children share what makes them special. The teacher or parents tag the photo with a few hash tags and post it out on social media. The school with the most posts at the end of the weekly time frame wins! The prizes are super fun, including … Read More